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Something that's different about the Sourcehut workflow which I'm finding it difficult to convey in the docs et al, is that bug trackers should generally only be used for verfied actual bugs. The first stop for questions should be the project's mailing list.

The easiest solution with the harshest response is to simply only allow maintainers to submit bugs on your tracker, but that doesn't seem like a great default.

Any ideas for how to communicate this better?

Zig maintainer @andrewrk on "this CI experience is leagues ahead of all others"

On the subject of being vigilant for vendor lock-in: a practical example. SourceHut's billing system uses Stripe to process payments, but the only API we use is the one which actually processes the payments. Stripe has first-class support for subscriptions, but it's wiser to bill subscriptions manually with a cronjob to make it easier to switch to another payment processor later.

Fun fact: until today I've never actually sent a Linux kernel patch

But also if you do anything other than running VMs on AWS you're vendor locking yourself into a platform which requires several engineer salaries worth of money to keep the lights on

Also note that if all you do with AWS is run VMs you are very much using AWS wrong

Hey quick reminder that using AWS is the digital equivalent of going to the bank, withdrawing all of your venture capital money as cash, stacking it up on the sidewalk, setting it on fire, and powering a 10 year old server with the waste heat to run your ruby webshit on

I don't really understand why it's 2019 and we still have latency issues with wireless audio. Two fucking loops of wire can transmit and receive audio with effectively zero latency. Why are microcontrollers involved

Added GitHub sponsors integration for fosspay, now shows up in the breakdown on

In light of the Overwatch 2 trailer I'd like to remind you that Blizzard is a dog of the Chinese "executes and harvests organs from political prisoners" government

I wish Mastodon's "Mute conversation" button also removed the message and earlier replies from your notifications

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