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All services are restored to working order

Planned maintenance for begins now, see and .ht.ops on for updates

Open question for improvement: would be nice to adjust this slightly to have a very subtle sauce. Would help to capture the fond.

Broccoli and cumin chicken over rice

Cube 1 chicken breast, bag with 1.5 tsp cumin, 1 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp garlic, 1 tsp oil, leave in fridge for 1 hour
Wash and cook rice
5 minutes out from rice completion, steam broccoli with salt and pepper for 3 minutes, then shock in ice water and drain
Put a little oil in your pan, heat to high, put in chicken after 1-2 minutes
Stir often but not constantly until cooked, then add broccoli for 1 minute
Serve immediately over rice

More with the new monitoring infrastructure: .ht.ops is now a public channel on Freenode

Just make dbusland already and leave the rest of us alone

I've been overhauling the internal monitoring and metrics for, and the new infra is now publically available:


This is pretty harsh, and definitely is a bit harsher on Rob Pike than is probably reasonable (it knocks Plan 9 a little bit, but that’s insignificant to the complaints), but it’s so good.

Right after making this post, he wrote another, which announced that he was quitting tech and moving to go work on his ranch, along with like 2/3s of it being dedicated to “WHY THE FUCK AREN’T ANY OF YOU GOING LOWER I’VE SPENT THE LAST DECADES TRYING TO CONVINCE EVERY ONE OF THE COMPANIES I’VE WORKED AT THAT WE NEED TO GO LOWER BUT INSTEAD OF GOING TO A LOWER LEVEL OF ABSTRACTION YOU FUCKERS WENT WITH SERVER-SIDE JAVASCRIPT.”

When you talked about BIOS the other day it reminded me of it. A choice selection: “Meanwhile the most trumpeted “advance” of the last 10 years at the bottom of the stack is UEFI, which replaces parts of the system firmware… with a slightly modernised version of MS-DOS. It’s painfully obvious that the sole purpose of UEFI is to enable Microsoft to continue collecting royalties on every computer sold, a brilliant move on their part given the steady decline of Windows, but an abomination for everyone else.”

Notice: I set Mastodon to block notifications from people I don't follow again

Zero cost abstractions are a lie because all abstractions carry a cognitive cost

"Java is a JIT, it's unfair!"

"Go has a runtime, it's unfair!"

"My favorite programming language isn't here, it's biased!"

All of these miss the point of the article.

Goring everyone's sacred cow in a single blog post is my new favorite way to trigger programmers

People who just slam the refresh button on a 500 server error are the worst people

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