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Mockup of the UI on the SourceHut project hub for adding mailing lists to your projects

If 255 SourceHut users sign up for a paid plan today then we would have 13.37% of the userbase on paid accounts

Wayland book's seat chapter (on input handling) is now complete 🎉

First test print of a part I made with solvespace (the tutorial part)

Published the (WIP) client code which is used in the Wayland book to demonstrate Wayland concepts with code:

Mixing ads with real notifications that need your attention is the darkest of dark patterns

wlroots input-related code is like 3200 lines, not including support code for things like constraining a pointer to the space defined by your display layout

Clarification: this is a Wayland client, not a Wayland server. Server-side implementation is MUCH more code

I'm expanding the code samples for the Wayland book to cover the input chapter - and just handling mouse events is +337 lines of code :blobthinkingeyes:

My local florists have gone around to our public parks and decorated them with fresh flowers that they had prepared for now-cancelled events

Five points will be awarded to anyone who can correctly identify the purpose of this string

Tip: if I look at your profile and I see "Plan 9" anywhere, I follow you

When malware lands in Debian, it's a once-in-a-decade event. When malware lands in npm, it's 2 PM.

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