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How can someone be a good person in most respects and then just completely drop the fucking ball in the cases which are really fucking easy and obvious to get right

I don't think I have enough hate for all of the hateful things in this world

I hate so fucking much. Lying assholes, corporate bullshit, capitalist bullshit, terrible software, terrible hardware, awful awful awful awful hate hate hate hate

To translate:

This is BitBucket saying "okay. for those of you who haven't already created accounts on, get to it." @sir

Oh, and feel free to reply to explain your answer in more detail

How would you feel if SourceHut required all public projects to have either a (1) FSF approved free software license, (2) an OSI approved open source license, or (3) a Creative Commons license?

Language[n] is fucking[v] (cool man)[n]

did you fall from heaven? because holy shit you have like 20 eyes and 3 sets of wings Are You Okay


Reminder that having anything to do with cryptocurrency other than to denounce it literally makes you a bad person

Fuck your cryptocurrency bullshit, get out of my fucking face

If you have a plaintext file with one record per line, and you need to transform lines or accumulate state based on user-defined rules, then awk would be *great* for your problem. Otherwise, probably not.

Because I love the stylesheets on @sir websites and #Sourcehut, I decided to extract them from the source code, so everyone can use them in their websites! The CSS framework is called "devault css".

If the fileformat your app saves in isn't an open standard that is documented you should be ashamed of yourself

I wouldn't be such a pessimist if the world wasn't such shit

Software was a mistake.
Computers were a mistake.
Technology was a mistake.
Humans were a mistake.

I wish I was a squirrel. 🐿️

Immediately following the announcement of this plan, Goldman-Sachs announces the results of a study which identifies the minimum happiness level necessary to produce humans who would not press the button

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