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I am going to rename my cat to Zero Cool

Sporth/Soundpipe are now *only* hosted on sourcehut:

Sporth has been relicensed to use the unlicense:

Soundpipe collectively is still MIT, but I've placed public domain notices for many of the individual files.

Asking fedipeople to join the don't marry movement is kinda redundant completed it's 30,000th job today

Law of buffered input: All UIs shall support input buffering project hub now has tags, thanks to ha6's latest patch

I am aware that I have some degree of following in places which tolerate softcore bigotry (by which I mean the normalization of "harmless" bigoted in-jokes and satire), and that many of those places sometimes think of me as one of their own, someone who "gets it".

I want to re-iterate that I don't find those communities and those behaviors acceptable, and I think they often represent the first in a series of dominos which can develop people into really hateful ideologies and tragic behaviors.

Don't forget that I am a staunch leftist, anti-capitalist, and devout participant in free and open software and culture. Think critically about what that actually represents before using me to reinforce the cognative biases of your in-group.

If that gives you pause, you might want to critically re-evaluate the values that your community is exposing you to, and consider if you should be being exposed to something healthier.

Thanks. I'm always here to listen to you in my DMs.

If you run a mail server you are obligated to have a working postmaster account

Vim: avoid plugins. Don't turn it into an IDE. Unix is your IDE and Vim is your editor.

Of my plugins, the only ones which don't add more language support are:

Fugitive, exclusively for :Gblame




hilinktrace, which helps with designing/modifying color schemes

Working on an improved UI for generating personal access tokens

@sir Deleting some free accounts should work too. Just saying :)

If 334 non-paying users started paying today, we'd have 13.37% of all users on paid accounts

Just saying

Coke and an apple seemed to help usher the hiccups away

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