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Fun fact: a business which pays its employees and pays its bills and still has money leftover is a viable business

It doesn't need to have a billion dollar valuation potential to qualify

@urusan @sir I think what they meant with "business model" is "something that works for greedy VC funds"

@sir The example of sourcehut is the kind of sustainable slow growth business that should be the norm.

This being said, there are many, many approaches to open source, with varying amounts of money and commitment involved. Doing it for fun on the side is totally valid. Doing it for beer money is also valid. Doing it as a full time job is also valid.

There are lots of different ways to engage with FOSS, and many ways to make money with FOSS, it's a complex system.

I think one of the problems that people encounter when struggling to make money in open source is that they're too concerned with the open source and insufficiently concerned with the money.

Good at programming != good at business

You can make money in open source, absolutely, but you need to develop the skills necessary to run an actual business. You can't just ask for donations and wait for them to roll in. You need to be good at dealing with budgeting, marketing, sales, planning, compliance, and so on, and address these issues as seriously as you address your next big refactoring.

"There’s Still No Viable Open Source Business Model"


SourceHut proves this wrong. Every single line of code we've written is open source, since day one. There are no periodic code dumps, no prototyping in private, no open core with paid extensions. We accept patches from the public. Our company is 100% bona-fide open source.

We've been profitable for 2 years, and our profit margin continues to grow. We published our Q3 financial report last week:

It's still early, and we're still small. We did not take on any outside investments, either. But the model works. You CAN make money in open source.

There's some low-hanging fruit in my Gemini client if anyone is looking for a fun afternoon patch to write: make the plaintext display use the same pagination as the gemtext display

@sir that's not really a huge bar to clear though.

Reading a article via a script that blinks morse code at you via your keyboard's numlock status light is a better experience than reading on

And this is *definitely* a better reading experience than reading on

My web to gemini CGI script works alarmingly well. I've been reading an article for 10 minutes with it and I almost forgot it wasn't gemini-native

I just implemented the last user-facing resolver for's API 2.0 implementation 🎉

I still have to address a PGP issue and implement two internal resolvers (and the corresponding UI), and then I can ship this to prod for y'all to play with

International Men's Day, serious 

One of the nice things about Go is that the stdlib authors actually read the RFCs that they were implementing

It's kind of sad that this merits praise


@sir I'm starting a linux community in my hometown. I already created a mailing list on sourcehat with the intent of teaching my fellow citizens how to use it and then using it for technical support and discussions.

@sir I'm running a cyberpunk related list on ~gsthnz/, to discuss and document cyberpunk culture :)

Someone ran a D&D group on back in the early days

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