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Drew DeVault @sir@cmpwn.com

Basically the perfect OS is the plan9 kernel plus a new libc and a fresh userspace design

I would want to write a new libc though, they all kind of suck. musl because it's glibc-compatible and not very portable, newlib et al because they don't have very good support for locales

I really, really should fork plan9 at some point

The world doesn't deserve your perfection

Why are you so perfect, plan9

Except for plan9. plan9 is literally the only OS that has 0 suck

tfw even the best OSes still have heaps of suckage

Sway 0.14-rc4 released, please test it: github.com/SirCmpwn/sway/relea
This rc is a week late so we could get some FreeBSD fixes in, but it will hopefully be the last rc before 0.14 proper.

Speaking of things y'all need to cut out - returning a 302 to /404

Y'all better stop adding "security questions" to your websites

Spent all day working on a marginally improved system for delivering pictures of cute anime girls to your screen

Also nice: golang. I like it when someone else is making the decisions so I can just ignore all the downsides to a tool and enjoy the upsides.

Dates picked out for Japan visit ^_^

Oh, apparently it sucks. RIP