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Drew DeVault @sir

@roka diet falls into the "et al", it has garbage l10n support. dietlibc in particular also has some performance and standards compliance issues

Basically the perfect OS is the plan9 kernel plus a new libc and a fresh userspace design

I would want to write a new libc though, they all kind of suck. musl because it's glibc-compatible and not very portable, newlib et al because they don't have very good support for locales

I really, really should fork plan9 at some point

The world doesn't deserve your perfection

Why are you so perfect, plan9

Except for plan9. plan9 is literally the only OS that has 0 suck

tfw even the best OSes still have heaps of suckage

Sway 0.14-rc4 released, please test it: github.com/SirCmpwn/sway/relea
This rc is a week late so we could get some FreeBSD fixes in, but it will hopefully be the last rc before 0.14 proper.

@MochiWaifu I also hear that one about kids and caves and shit is pretty good, but I have not started it yet

@TheKinrar derp. I was only looking at the columns; perhaps add it there too

@TheKinrar consider adding languages to this

Speaking of things y'all need to cut out - returning a 302 to /404

@Michcioperz problem would be that you have to have flash installed to do that...

@Michcioperz I don't. You could reverse engineer it, though, sniff the network and figure out how it works

Y'all better stop adding "security questions" to your websites