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Drew DeVault @sir@cmpwn.com


I'm pretty sure I don't even have any japanese followers left that haven't left the platform tbh




Is there a magic word you can say to Comcast support to immediately escalate to someone who knows what peering means

Idea: distribute adblock lists over webtorrent

Anyone interested in donating a HiDPI monitor to support Sway development?



How is `MyStupidLibraryUInt32 i` better than `uint32_t i` or even `unsigned int i`

I don't understand why anyone ever thought it was a good idea to typedef their own integer primitives

Protip: set your browser language to japanese to get crazy discounts on poorly coded websites

Papa Johns says the pizza will cost 22 yen (19 cents), tempted to actually pay the delivery driver that

cmpwn.com/media/VgMwAY7JKBcqpL cmpwn.com/media/h48WOomeisrh8C

Idea: phone app that automatically forwards spam phone calls to your legislator

Why in seven hells is RUST_BACKTRACE not enabled by default

I want to sleep, but the sheets are still in the laundry.