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These mesa issues are really raining on my parade

tfw I just installed a 5th cross-compilers in /usr/local

Fish (shell) has a bunch of glaring flaws and ONE killer feature that is so good that I can't stand using any other shell

Alright, I'm still a hard "no" on golang until they get this fucking stupid GOPATH garbage sorted the fuck out already

I hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it

Every time I start thinking about using Go I spend 90% of my startup time trying to not fucking use GOPATH

GOPATH is stupid, I hate you GOPATH

It seems like github is progressively trying to give you less and less information in a single screenfull of events on the home page

>seedbox with hundreds of torrents all active
>70 connections
>single desktop with twitch open
>200 connections

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