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Does anyone know of an LZMA decoder in JavaScript (browser) that isn't complete garbage

I wonder if any of the federated FB alternatives would take off if they didn't have such shit names
Mastodon is evocative and memorable
Disporia, GNUSocial, etc is not
Not even sure if I spelled disporia right

Spent some time in the past couple of days polishing receptor a bit

We don't deserve plan9, it's too beautiful to live

I had a really stupid idea for a comic. Warning: really stupid:

Recently translated my 200th post on Danbooru

Learning that some artist you really like has an album you never heard of is the best feeling

These mesa issues are really raining on my parade

tfw I just installed a 5th cross-compilers in /usr/local

Fish (shell) has a bunch of glaring flaws and ONE killer feature that is so good that I can't stand using any other shell

Alright, I'm still a hard "no" on golang until they get this fucking stupid GOPATH garbage sorted the fuck out already

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