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"A gravity assist seemed like a weird way to get to Alaska"

Indent with semicolons

int main() {
;;;;int a;
;;;;for (a = 0; a < 10; a++) {
;;;;;;;;printf("%d\n", a);

(is it illegal to recycle your old tweets as toots)

"the concept thing is like meta/epistemology. it's just structural blobs for ideas"

git was not designed for the average web dev writing Ruby and Node on their Macbook Pros in some silicon valley startup. It was literally written by, and for, kernel hackers. The git CLI is amazing, but it requires the user to actually know how their computer works. If you don't grok it, that says a lot about you as a developer.

Shitty software exists elsewhere. I've encountered software I could describe as dogshit, shit, bad, meh, good, and elegant. JavaScript has all of these, just like every other technology. Except, everywhere else, the average lies somewhere around "bad", and the JavaScript average is somewhere between dogshit and shit.

The crux of the problem with JavaScript is two fold. First, it's a shit language. It enjoys popularity only because it's what web browsers use. Second, there's a huge group of people who have only ever done web development or who have only ever written non-trivial software in JavaScript. These people make up the *majority* of the community and the software that comes out of it reflects that. JavaScript users have learned very little from the past 30 years of software engineering lessons learned.

おはよう日本!私は気分でチャットです :)

Is it in poor taste to make fun of Windows users if anything they could use to respond is encrypted by malware Show more

Perhaps the underlying nature of the universe is to quietly increase complexity every time we come closer to figuring it out


>Do you recommend runit

Yes, but it's the lesser of many evils

#WannaCry shows the frailty of a global system dependent on a single proprietary point of failure--@Windows.

aerc is starting to look really good. Most of the fundamentals are in place and now the work is just in the details and polish.

This could also be used if you, for example, wrote a Python script that pretty prints ical files and configured a handler for text/calendar

Got HTML emails working in aerc:

My aerc.conf:

Basically you can now configure arbitrary shell commands for a given email mimetype (i.e. text/html) and the email body will be piped into it before it's shown in your pager in the aerc subterminal

I put up a Patreon page for supporting my free software work, if you're interesting in supporting my work :)

Any east coast US folks that would come down to Washington DC this week to protest the proposed Title II rollback at the FCC headquarers IRL? Please boost

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