@pounce depends, who do you want to blame? Supposedly 4xx = request is wrong, you need to fix something. 5xx = it's our fault, it might work if you try again.

In practice I'm not sure it matters much. Servers aren't all that consistent and most clients just check if it's some kind of error. If it's a human using a browser it's more important to tell them what went wrong in the request body.

tl;dr 418 why not?

And this one explains why it's useful in a UI. Cancellation is important and needs to be handled by default.


@pounce whatever, the pounce network would be pointless without pounce. (I follow a few other people now but they're mostly boring.)

@pounce that's funny, all I get are accordion videos.

Accordion song of the day is "l'Heure Bleue," a nice simple blues tune that I stumbled on looking for accordion samba:


"The name Sgr A* was coined by Brown in a 1982 paper because the radio source was "exciting", and excited states of atoms are denoted with asterisks." en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagittar*

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The Supreme Court’s Math Problem: slate.com/news-and-politics/20

Jordan Ellenberg explains why, in testing for gerrymandering, asking about deviation from proportional representation is the wrong question. Democratic systems naturally concentrate power to the majority rather than being proportional. The right question is whether that concentration is at the natural level, or is artificially accelerated in one direction or another.

Via metafilter.com/180163/The-Supr

@sir I don't know what you mean by "build platform" but maybe compare with the Go tools or Ninja?

When I try to type "according" it comes out "accordion".

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"Illegal division by zero at /tmp/quine.pl line 1." is a quine

@pounce I have started and abandoned lots of projects. My suggestion is picking small, fun projects you can actually finish and have something to show.

@sir but without YouTube having created a huge collection of videos and the massive infrastructure to host it, NewPipe would have no reason to exist.

Not saying it's wonderful, but credit where credit is due.

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"You know how the \hat command in LaTeΧ puts a caret above a letter? ... Well I was thinking it would be funny if someone made a package that made the \hat command put a picture of an actual hat on the symbol instead?"

And then Matthew Scroggs and Adam Townsend went ahead and did it.

Package at ctan.org/pkg/realhats, behind-the-scenes commentary at aperiodical.com/2019/03/realha

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