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Protecting private (incognito mode) browsing in Google Chrome: The cat and mouse game is going strong. 🐈 🐁

It is very difficult to correctly write to a file. Also, most filesystems are broken:

@pounce wow, how could an Internet poll give a useful answer to this?

I think it depends on who you know that you can practice with and what your plans are for using the language. Or maybe what you feel like doing.

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U.Alaska budget gutted by 40%:

From the Chronicle story, the total amount cut over the past five years (including this new biggest cut) is more like 63%, from $522M to $192M. And from the NPR story, the likely response is to close one of its three main campuses and all 13 smaller community campuses.

Ironically, the cause is right-wing insistence on a universal basic income of $3000/person from fuel extraction revenues.

@sir what's going on with libc? Browsed but didn't find the quote.

@pounce I think Haskell picked the wrong default. Eager evaluation is simpler and laziness is for doing magic. But figuring out how to deal with laziness properly is sort of why Haskell was invented.

@sir many deals are possible. Not all are subservient. This has to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

@nolan Facebook and YouTube also provide many services for free. If both sides charged for their services, I'm not sure we'd like the results any better.

@nolan it's apparently unsustainable on cash donations. If there were a way to track salaries of employees who contribute to open source as part of their jobs, would things look different?

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New blog post: "Tech veganism"

Wherein I try to understand what makes a "tech vegan" (i.e. someone who avoids closed-source software and big tech companies, i.e. probably you), and whether there are parallels with real veganism.

@pounce It reminds me of the web before search engines. Back then, people would post lists of interesting links on their home pages and you could wander around by following links. But we're missing a good way to wander. Boosts don't really do it.

It seems like web forums are the distributed version of Reddit and subject-based sharding would be a be a better way of finding like-minded people.

Damnit I forgot the first rule of IT work: never deploy changes to production on a Friday. Hoping we don't have to wait until Monday to get Mom's phone service working again.

@pounce ok but if your hands hurt after playing you are probably doing it wrong somehow. It's important to play relaxed and not tense up.

@pounce okay, for sheet music that's too hard, maybe look for easier versions? I like the arrangements in this book since it's about the right skill level for me on piano and they still sound pretty good:

@pounce I hate how I lose a tune trying to play it. One thing that might work but I've never tried: record yourself humming it instead? At least to get the melody down. Then use the recording to transcribe it without losing it.

@pounce I sometimes procrastinate and have to psyche myself up a bit to make a phone call. I've read that if you do it a lot, you get used to it, and it's a good skill to have.

@sir I'll bet you a hundred dollars that it doesn't. (Need to define "kills" though.)

@sir in this language, how do you declare common types and dependencies on functions defined in other files?

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