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Facebook hot take 

Is there any way to follow someone but *not* see their boosts?

@pounce I'm curious if they talk about the book *Proofs and Refutations* in any of your math classes?

And someday far in the future, some young software engineers will be cursing their ancestors for the things they did because emojis seemed like a popular idea at the time.

Software tends to gets more complicated over time, and starting over with a new language will only go so far because standards.

The Unicode standard is complicated, Javascript (following Java) did not keep up, and now Dart has to deal with the consequences.

I wonder if they assign articles like this in computer science classes? Getting some perspective on why building good software is hard seems at least as important as learning a new programming language.

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What is the definition of free/open source software?

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From an article about reinforcement learning: "Agent imbued with surprise-based curiosity gets stuck when it encounters TV"

Someone should write a story about a future where everyone is a celebrity but the reporters and fans are all bots. (The bots were originally invented by a rogue adtech firm but took a life of their own.) They read and analyze everything you post, take and share photos, and gossip about you. On the bright side, they buy all your old stuff when you don't want it anymore.

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I started working on "Taking a FLOSS project from small to large" based on the results of that poll and struggled to differentiate it from this article:

I think I'll scrap this and do the MMU article instead.

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Perhaps we could call this the law of immutable machinery: if the good thing about X is that it's a machine you can't stop, then the bad thing about X is that *it's a machine you can't stop*.

A clarinet and accordion duo plays Rachmaninoff arrangements of Bach

If you go to without logging in, it shows the federated timeline under "a peek inside". It seems like the local timeline would make more sense? Do all Mastodon servers do that?

Why do I keep reading about machine learning frameworks as if I were ever going to use one?

@pounce any recommendations for reading more Central/South American history?

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