@gled "everyone else is doing it so it's not actually unethical". What exactly are you doing, then? If holding a conversation with me is distracting you from implementing a legitimate fix then by all means let's put it on hold so you can sort it out! But I suspect that's just an excuse. Hell, if it's so difficult for you, I'll send you a pull request switching from to .

@gled the use case you're trying to cover is spam, though. I'm not speaking figuratively - you have created a literal spam bot. Spam often feels more legitimate to the spammer than it actually is. The approach is like an email spammer telling victims to install a spam filter. It might work, but it still leaves the spammer with dubious ethics.

@gled aye, thanks. And while I have your attention, I strongly suggest you reverse your and use or something similar instead. Otherwise you are equivalent to a run of the mill spammer. Don't place the burden of opt-out on the people you're spamming.

As the person who proposed #nobot, I want to make it clear what my opinions on followbots are:

They are being used disrespectfully, with very little consideration for the impact on the network and its users.

#nobot is a band-aid to mitigate the problem. It doesn't allow an administrator of an instance to abrogate their responsibility to discuss their use of the tools with the rest of the community.

Belligerent behaviour on the network may lead to sanctions from other admins, at your own risk

@Terrana As someone who is actively against the #followbot trend: these bots serve no plausible purpose, and as of current, are poorly designed with regard to people who would like to opt out of this pointless trend.

I feel that #federation works best when people post interesting toots that're discovered and spread by people.

By just botting follows this way, you go from a steady trickle or flow to plunging down the rapids of noise.

And who the heck swims in the rapids, anyway? :P


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Toot 500.

#nobot advocacy is proving as tricky as expected.

The more I think about the aforementioned #e2e solution the more happy I am with it. I won't give a tech discussion here, but essentially it adds security, improves the UX, and provides an element I can closed source without any risk of affecting the security of the protocol/clients negatively.

That said, I have interviews today, so won't be working on it as much.

@fusl if you use mastodon-autofollow please update it to gain #nobot support before running again. if not, please add #nobot support.

I put #nobot in my profile and been followed by two more bots. You're radicalizing me in the followbot wars, bots.

@dconley It will take a while for bot owners to update their bot with the patch for #nobot. I suspect some of the bot owners won't be even be aware they should be updating yet. It's been less than a day.

Note: Using #nobot won't stop the follow bots from following you immediately. It will take a while for each of the bot's users to pull down these changes. Until that happens, it won't have any effect. Give it time.

Ooh. apparently if you use the tag #nobot in your bio, the standard Mastodon followbot won't follow you! I like that.

Yo, #followbot devs: People are getting pissed off. Respect a #nobot opt-out in their bios and the problem goes away. You know it makes sense.

So many redundant followbots following me @.@

I have a proposal to tame this problem, a variation on an approach we used to use for bots on #Wikipedia:

If a user has #nobot in their bio, then that's an indication they want to opt-out of bot activity, and your bot should not be interact with their profile automatically, except as a result of human-initiated action, as a matter of courtesy.

Not foolproof or universal, but gives bot owners a way to respect users a little better.