@gled "everyone else is doing it so it's not actually unethical". What exactly are you doing, then? If holding a conversation with me is distracting you from implementing a legitimate fix then by all means let's put it on hold so you can sort it out! But I suspect that's just an excuse. Hell, if it's so difficult for you, I'll send you a pull request switching from to .

@gled the use case you're trying to cover is spam, though. I'm not speaking figuratively - you have created a literal spam bot. Spam often feels more legitimate to the spammer than it actually is. The approach is like an email spammer telling victims to install a spam filter. It might work, but it still leaves the spammer with dubious ethics.

@gled aye, thanks. And while I have your attention, I strongly suggest you reverse your and use or something similar instead. Otherwise you are equivalent to a run of the mill spammer. Don't place the burden of opt-out on the people you're spamming.

@Terrana As someone who is actively against the #followbot trend: these bots serve no plausible purpose, and as of current, are poorly designed with regard to people who would like to opt out of this pointless trend.

I feel that #federation works best when people post interesting toots that're discovered and spread by people.

By just botting follows this way, you go from a steady trickle or flow to plunging down the rapids of noise.

And who the heck swims in the rapids, anyway? :P


I put #nobot in my profile and been followed by two more bots. You're radicalizing me in the followbot wars, bots.

Ooh. apparently if you use the tag #nobot in your bio, the standard Mastodon followbot won't follow you! I like that.

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