The main problem with choosing a free software license is that they're a giant pile of legalese rather than a succient explanation of their goals.

MIT, BSD: Do whatever you want with this software, but it's not our responsibility (baseline)

Apache: Same but with extra protections for your trademarks/brand

GPL: Requires derivative software and software to also use the GPL license

LGPL: Requires derivatives to also use the LGPL license, but doesn't consider linking to a library to be a derivative

AGPL: Requires derivatives to also use the AGPL license, but considers communication over the network to be derivative

All free/open source licenses ensure the following four freedoms:

- The freedom to use the software for any purpose
- The freedom to study and modify the source code
- The freedom to distribute copies of the software in source or binary form
- The freedom to distribute your modifications to the software

@sir I don't think Apache's biggest distinction is its treatment of trademarks (the GPL has something similar where it says you may refuse to give trademark grants without invoking liberty-or-death), but rather its patent grant. At least, I often hear people say the patent grant is why they pick Apache over 3-clause-or-less BSD.

@sir IIRC the network derivative is a bit off; it rather considers network to be distribution (because you don't have to releae your source under the GPL if you don't distribute the binaries, so SaaS gets around that by not distributing that)

@sir apache (if you meant 2) deals explicitly with patents (which is why companies like google use it, for protection)

@sir also, all of them require attribution and/or not deleting license notices from the code

@sir They must be. You don't want loose ends. Try TLDRLegal at, though.

@alvarezp fun fact: the guy behind is the same asshole behind the anti-commons clause

@sir the anti-common clause, I didn't find it as such.

@alvarezp it's a nonfree license designed to make open source projects stop being open source

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