There's a strange idea that being paid to work on open source means being subsurvient to commercial entities which rely on your software. Like the only value in open source is in providing libraries that companies use to make proprietary software with


I'm not even sure now how many times someone has told me "just get companies to pay you to work on your libraries!" like that's the only kind of open source project which is valid and worth something

@sir Yes, this is something I've been thinking for a while as well although I haven't worked on many open source softwares. Ultimately, it all comes down to your choice and not get distracted with others opinion. I like working on FLOSS because it just simply make sense to me that it does some good to the society.

And I always get myself away from the debate people have about this. End of the day I need satisfaction with what I'm doing and a good sleep.

@sir I think it may be connected to the distinction between Free Software and Open Source.

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