An example of why it's important that all software is open source/free software:

I'm planning on implementing a feature which will require changes in at least 4 projects, if not 5 or 6. No problem - they're all open source and accept patches... wait, except for OpenVR. That one's closed source. Instead of sending them a patch, I just have to work around it as a black box.

This kind of shit is always really frustrating. I'm generally always prepared to sit down and put the work in where it needs to be done when I need a feature. Sucks when you can't.

This is part of why I don't support the Nvidia proprietary driver. I can support OpenVR by implementing some (albiet legacy) open-source APIs through X11. But the ideal world - using Wayland - I just can't do.

At the very least, all libraries should be open source. If the games which use OpenVR are closed source, whatever. I can still patch SDL, GLFW, Mesa, whatever, and usually get them working in whatever context I need. When the libraries, like OpenVR, are closed source... well, there ain't shit I can do about that. I hope to pitch in with OpenHMD at some point to help resolve this. Hopefully OpenXR takes off at some point, too.

@sir This really bothers me. Why is a library called "OpenVR" not open source?

@copygirl it's open in the way that benefits them and not others

@sir agreed, it's so important that all projects working together to form a system are open to patches
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