$ git diff --staged | grep goto | wc -l

git is fun. The best CLI UI, hands down. Unsurpassed consistency. That was sarcasm.

With git diff, --staged is an alias for --cached. With git rm, it isn't.

--staged is the better name, but the actual term used for the datastructure in most places is neither staging area, nor cache, but index.


I'm sure you could have squeezed a 10th one in there 😜

lol, every time I type those four letters I know there's a chance that I'll have to argue about it later with someone who's read the catchy title - and only the catchy title - of that article that one time that was written by a guy they know is probably important for some reason.


Like, I'm just trying to free up all my crap, man! Maybe the solution to mem leaks in 2019 is just to just keep buying more ram, forever.

git diff --staged |grep '^\+' |grep goto |wc -l

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