Regarding "open source" versus "free software"... I understand the distinction deeply, but I think being strict on the terminology weakens the free software argument. Pendantry turns people off. On the other hand, using the terms interchangably while pushing a free software philosophy does a much better job at weakening "open source". It puts the principles first and the terminology last. Principles are compelling, pendantry is not.

You should convince people of free software values, not to say the right words

@sir not to mention that openwashing has caused "open source" to be a completely meaningless phrase anyway.

@sir I do get a laugh out of seeing the "it's *GNU slash Linux*" people getting bitchslapped by the growing musl userbase sometimes.

@flussence @sir Yeah, I run GNU plus Linux (I'm running busybox inside WSL)

@ben if you want to make people's heads explode with maximum yield, you gotta use Toybox (BSD2) instead of Busybox (GPL2)

@flussence @ben Or maybe a *BSD userland, but that is probably harder to achieve.

@flussence I license a lot of my useless crap under the MIT license because I really want to see the lengths a big corporation would have to go to in order to profit from my work on a Dwarf Fortress cryptid generator bot.

@ben I put copyleft-next on mine to cause headaches for people using scripts that don't recognise that as a valid license

@flussence imagine a big corporation finding a way to use my code that runs a web server within Dwarf Fortress

imagine this somehow becomes a core part of their business logic

don't you want to live in that world

a world that somehow makes more sense than this one

@ben @flussence @sir
The JSON License (#JSON)
This is the license of the original implementation of the JSON data interchange format. This license uses the Expat license as a base, but adds a clause mandating: “The Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.” This is a restriction on usage and thus conflicts with freedom 0. The restriction might be unenforcible, but we cannot presume that. Thus, the license is nonfree.

I laughed out loud.

@sir I agree, but I see a *big* problem in making absolutely clear that "gratis" != "libre", which is a problem because in days of mobile computing too many people these days take "gratis" as granted and often see "gratis and ad-free" as one of the core reasons to even consider any "free software".

@sir I tend to use FLOSS as my catch all term. I appreciate the are differences, some of which are philosophical, but for explaining the general idea of collaborative open development it does well enough.

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