Don't rewrite it in rust

@v0idifier why rewrite it in rust when you could rewrite it in Java

@sir why rewrite it in Java when you can rewrite it in JavaScript

@sir @v0idifier yeah, eg. a pure Java implementation of SCTP over UDP would be pretty handy.

@amiloradovsky @v0idifier @sir
I can't tell if I like this idea more or less than the fortune-like functionality I had in mind, but I also love it

@sir RiiC — Rewrite it in C, for better performance, portability, and the option to verify properties with a formal semantics as added bonus…

@ignaloidas good for them. Browsers are at a level of absurd negligince and complexity that this doesn't surprise me. Well designed software doesn't share these benefits

@sir Do you think rust overall is bad or just the people who think everything needs to be rewritten in Rust? Because I honestly struggle with package management when writing in C/C++

@louispearson both. Also, C and C++ are different languages, do not use "C/C++"

@sir I was mostly talking about how they build things and find dependencies. As far as I know, both have the same ugly mess

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