if you switch from NordVPN to something else, make sure it's not Private Internet Access, which is owned by the people who likely stole all the money from mt. gox

@kaniini woah, disliked PIA but did not know this. Deets please


it's complicated and i haven't connected all the dots.

but basically, London Trust Media was a blogging thing run out of somebody's house, then it closed down.

a few months later, the Goxit happened. then suddenly, LTM is back in operation out of a new legal domicile.

LTM founder is Andrew Lee, who was the sysadmin for Mt. Gox.

so, suddenly you have this sysadmin with this company that has tons of baller resources, and once the heat is off Karpeles, they hired him to be CTO of London Trust Media.

like, the dots only connect in one way, really. there's no smoking gun, but there's too many coincidences, and LTM behaves too much like a money laundering op.

@kaniini thanks for the explanation, this is some interesting shit


i do have a list of assets LTM has, and they don't make any damn sense at all.

for example, LTM own a sex shop in hollywood. i've been there, it's a real sex shop.

they also own a korean fashion gala event that they put on every year in LA

they also own PIA of course

they also own two strip clubs in LA, and a hustler franchise in NYC

finally, they own an event promotion company that, amongst other things, throws womens' chocolate syrup wrestling competitions in the NYC area

does this sound like a legitimate company to you?
@distant @sir i mean, that's part of it, but andrew lee was responsible for security at mt. gox, so it's a little more direct than that.
@sir Do you mean private internet access? I need details, too, please.

@rocky1138 she gave details, check the rest of the thread

Had a hard time finding it, but did eventually, thank you. I'd like something more than just "maybe they are the people that did this" before making any decisions. Is there any evidence?
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