If you find yourself working at a software or hardware company, and someone starts talking about implementing DRM, I want you to punch them square in the face.

Then I want you to immediately get all concerned and apologetic and play it off like an accident, and then when they start to get back on track and talk about DRM again, I want you to punch them in the face, again.

@sir I'd click "Like" on that, because, I mean, it's a top rent rant, BUT I'm a fan of "violence is never the answer" so I'm not gonna :)

@feoh @sir Indeed, violence is not an answer but a solution¹.

¹ sometimes, perhaps

@sir I do think excessive DRM is a bad thing, but how do you suggest developers (especially for enterprise scale applications) go about license enforcement instead? (this is not an attack, genuinely curious)

@jdemille @sir I'm just some guy, but I can give you my answer. Developers shouldn't do anything; they aren't responsible for license enforcement.

@c @sir Fair enough, from a business standpoint that probably won't sell though. It is true that pirates will pirate no matter what. My personal idea of ideal DRM is just a basic license check, nothing that goes deep into your system or whatever, if the application is tampered with that will be overridden anyway.

@jdemille @sir That's definitely the best solution in our current world. A real solution would see the abolition of intellectual property and a revolution in the economics of software. I prefer to work towards the latter.

@c @sir Unfortunately with the way capitalism works, we can't do that right now, but one can dream.

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