Do you have your external hard drive ready? Because today is #WorldBackupDay!

It's time to take your external HDD, open déjà-dup and start your backup.

After making your backup, put your HDD in a safe place, and leave it there. If you want things extra safe, place it at a friend once this whole pandemic stuff has worked out.

These HDDs cost 50€ and should be able to safe all your most and medium important data.

#backup #linux #dejadup


@sheogorath don't just back up once - set up ongoing backups.

And _test_ your backups. A backup that you've never actually restored from is as good as no backup at all.

@sir Fully agreed. I still recommend doing an offline backup at least once a year and put it somewhere. Continuous backups where something I covered yesterday.

Since offline, external hard drives are not really convenient for regular/automated backups, I think doing these backups only once in a while is still a good decision :)

And btw: Restore testing is something deja-dup does for you out of the box.

@sheogorath you, the human being operator, are the one who needs to go through the restore procedure. You should be familiar with the process before it becomes an emergency

@sir The only difference between the automated verification and the actual restoration is that you click on a different button ("Restore" instead of "Backup"). All other dialogs stay completely the same.

But yes, I still recommend everyone to have a disaster recovery plan as in writing down all steps you need to do in order to restore your systems.

But besides providing awareness on how to do things, it helps to find loopholes. e.g. How do you access your backup when you PW manager is gone?

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